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(・‿・)ノ⌒:・゚✧ welcome

hi there, I am Sol Sarratea

a programmer passionate about system design and computer graphics.In the process of becoming a rustacean 🦀.

I work as a freelancer writing software for full stack web apps; games; art installations; and some other projects that resonate with my interests. Currently, I am developing a game with { Unity + Tilt5 }.

When I am not working, I am live coding performances; participating on hackathons; giving talks, workshops or actively participating in computer-related groups. And when I am AFK you might find me in a forest.

Previously, I was crafting shaders for responsive DLA Models to dancers; leading workshop a on Aesthetic Dynamics; co-organized an algo-weekend in Leipzig and attended the 37C3

I often have deep thoughts on languages, computability, and stuff. That is why I am trying to make of this website an extended version of my previous garden.

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