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37C3: CAT_gpt

By the end of 2023 I participated in the Call for Arts of the 37C3, which was my first Communication Chaos Congress and I must admit it was quite an unexpected amazing experience.

It was the 37th Congress held in Hamburg by the CCC Chaos Computer Club.

What was your workshop about?

CAT_gpt: Cellular Automatas Through Grafted Poetic Text.

It was about making live coded visuals through ASCII Characters.

I made a small presentation, here you will see slides

A banner: and you can try out the web app…meow!

What else have you done?

Stuff like..

…projections on pissers

…prototyping a frontend compiler in { rust + pest }

…trashy punk led Jewerly

Oh, and I did not want to forget about sharing favourite RFCs, where I was introduced to HTCPCP and IP-igeons.

I met wonderful people, recovered a deep love for cryptography; and attended some inspirational talks. Which you can check them here.