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Whenever I have to define myself I inmediatly think on this scene from Bob Fosse dance numbers - " The Rich Man's Frug ".


I am Sol Sarratea (she/they) a programmer | artist | enthusiast of theory and formal methods in math and computer science. I am from Argentina, but nowadays I am based in Germany.
I have been writing software since 2018, with a very intense rhythm of learning and doing.
For the last couple of years I have been travelling and working as a freelance, and I recently wrote this article explaining why I consider myself a Reactive Coder.


As a live coder (or performer) I share my screen; code; tools; and I lead workshops on the techniques involved. In my life coding, I prioritize the use of open-source tools and advocate for the freedom of access to knowledge. While I once aspired to convert everyone in to programming, I now focus on building learning communities where technology serves to expand our creativity.

If you are interesting in knowing my work in depth, please contact me and we can have a chat!